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Strayer University is a United States-based private, for-profit higher education institution. It was founded in 1892 as Strayer’s Business College and later became Strayer College, before being granted university status in 1998. Strayer University operates under the holding company, Strayer Education Inc., which was established in 1996. The university enrolls about 40,000 students through its online learning programs, and at 78 campuses located in 15 U.S. States and Washington D.C. In July 2013, Strayer University contacted HSI Sterling to report suspicious activity surrounding academic transcripts and coursework. In 2014, a former Strayer University admissions official was convicted of large-scale immigration fraud. From about November 2012 to October 2013, a Strayer University admissions official with two co-conspirators who worked for private company Integrated Academics were involved in a conspiracy to fraudulently create at least 58 official Strayer University transcripts so that foreign students would appear eligible to retain their student visas in the United States. The conspirators were ordered to forfeit nearly $300,000 of proceeds from the fraud to the United States government

The for-profit industry is spiraling downward, which is great news for former students. Programs have now opened allowing students to find relief from their student loans obtained at these dishonest for-profit institutions. If you attended Strayer University, call (800) 420-7039 to see if you qualify for student loan forgiveness. We can also assist you with your private student loans.

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